10 things to do in New York

Since I feel there’s no point in me posting every photo from the trip and explaining about everything like I usually do when it comes to pretty much everything… especially when it comes to things nobody cares about but me, hihi I thought I make a list of things you should do, or try, that we did while in the big Apple.

View over New York City from the helicopter

View over New York City from the helicopter

1. Go on a helicopter ride over the city. It  only lasts for about 15 minutes or less, but the view is breathtaking. It costs a lot more than the ordinary view you would get from the skyscrapers, but in return you get to so the city from every angle, and also, you get to go in a helicopter, how awesome is that?! We went with Liberty helicopter tours, and from what I see online the price is around 185 USD per. person.

girl sitting in front seat helicopter tour new york2. Bottomless brunch! If you ever visit New York you have to go for brunch and even better pay a little extra and make it a bottomless brunch with free flow of something fun in your glass. We went to Marc Forgione in Tribeca, and had some eggs benedict and burger sliders with bottomless mimosas. Not the best food I’ve had for brunch, but it was a nice atmosphere and the location fit our plans. Apparently Agave is amazing, but we hadn’t made a booking in advance and read that the lines was normally long, so we didn’t try to go as our schedule was quite tight, and we weren’t up for missing out on anything.

3.  I’m not really a sushi person, and when I go for sushi I like it plain and simple, I also don’t like the pieces to be too big so I don’t have to be that idiot that doesn’t eat the sushi in one bite. Sushi of Gari was none of these, it had lots of different flavours and the pieces was large and filling but I loved it. It was perfection, the rice was like nowhere else and the fish just melted on your tongue. The signature sauce on each piece was also from heaven.

4. Go for a burger. For a fast burger (even though the line was pretty long ehm..) Shake Shack is amazing. Five guys is really good too, I love how you can put so many vegetables and that the spicy sauce is spicy! 

5. HALAL GUYS, you have to go visit the stall. Best gyro ever!!! The meat and bread was super soft and nice, and the sauce was delicious. We asked for lots of spicy sauce being used to disappointing spice outside of Asia, but with a few drops of their magic it was perfect.

6. Pizza, for me pretty much everywhere in new york has good pizza. You could pretty much get it anywhere there, and it would still be better than many places back home in Norway and Thailand. I love big and greasy slices filled with pepperoni and cheese and made sure I tried it whenever we passed a place. They have spots with slices for 2 USD, but the best fast pizza slice I picked up was from Liberty pizza next to the Empire state building. We we’re planning to go to Lombardi’s in Nolita or Arturo’s in Soho, but couldn’t fit it into our 4 day schedule but I will definitely go first thing when I go back next. Seeing I couldn’t visit these places, my driver recommended me to go to John’s pizza which was right down the road from our hotel. It was super yummy, and I love how you choose your own topping. 

new york pizza on plate with pepperoni and champignon

Liberty pizza, street pizza style! mmm

7. Go on a cruise on the river. If you are going to New york during summer time, make sure you book a cruise on the river.  We did a wine and cheese tasting cruise, and it was really nice. The weather was perfect, and you get to see a lot of the city while getting tipsy on wine. 

Sightseeing and drinking in the sun ain’t bad!

8. BARCADE, gaming, fast food and drinks, do I need to say more? Takes you right back to the games we used to play in primary school. 

9. New York Botanical garden. Until November 2015 they have a Frida Kahlo exhibition, it’s a must see.

Us at Casa Azul 💙

10. Go on a private SUV trip around the city. It’s around 2 hours. I went with New York fun tours. Make sure you book the right one so you have both the guide and car for yourself. This way you get to decide where to visit and what detours to take. Make sure you don’t go solo though, as you will need to have someone to take your photo while you’re visiting sites


Get a hotel around times square. It costs a bit more, but makes being a tourist so much more fun and less time-consuming. You can walk pretty much everywhere. It costs quite a bit, but it’s worth it! We stayed at the Sanctuary hotel right next to Times Square, both the service and location was amazing!

Big thanks to Sony for plane tickets, accommodation and daily activities <3

Have you ever been i New York?


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