Reasons to go to Norway

Bye bye Norway it’s time for me to leave and be off to New york! I’m pretty sure I will never settle in Norway, but I always get sad when I have to leave. Lately I’ve only gone for under a week when I’ve headed home but normally I go for 4-7 weeks and I still feel down when I go. I don’t know if it’s because I’ll miss the food, or being able to walk around in fresh air and nature or if it’s simply the tought of not staying at home with my family in my childhood bed where I sometimes feel like I belong.  I think it’s the last part.

Pizza is my favourite food and Orion in Levanger has the best one on this planet. I love love love theit garlic and bernaise sauce !!


If you ever go to Oslo make sure you visit Bislett kebab. It’s oh so yummy and cheap. This one is from Levanger and I was super happy to find out they changed owner as this new place made a proper kebab!! It was a 100 krones though…


Mmm, Norwegian ice cream sandwish makes the summer complete. I’ve tried the Häagen-Dazs one in Thsiland, and NO the “bread” is not supposed to be crispy!!


Norwegian nature. If you ever visit Norway make sure you get to see as much nature as possible. The air is so fresh and clears your mind and soul. No kidding.


Trekking in Norway is a must. If it’s winter time you might have to switch with some cross-country skiing as the tracks might be fully covered with snow.


Pepsi Max is best in Norway… just ask ANYONE.


This trip I’ve been doing most of the things Norways is known for, enjoying the beautiful nature and eating amazing food, candies and other treats…I’m already up by 2 kilos so I’m scared to see what New York brings.

Talk to you real soon! Xx

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