My colour block dress

Todays been one of those boring days just waiting for holiday. I know I keep bringing this up in pretty much every post lately, but I’m in desperate need of a holiday. Yes, I know I was in Norway last month, but that was only for around 5 days, and the flight was horrible and it was pretty much built around me going home to do an exam, so I wouldn’t call that…a holiday. I’m finally done with all the groundwork at work as well so I only have some admin stuff for the rest of the days and then we’re off. So sick of not being able to eat whatever I want as well, or maybe that’s just my cramps talking. Does anyone else have the same problem as I do, where feels like someone stabs you in the stomach while having protein shakes during your period? It sucks!!

girl wearing colourblock dress in parking lot

I might have to skip the gym tomorrow, though it’s only for the best. I need to get my nails done before the travels, and I might even do my eyelashes, who bothers putting on mascara everyday while travelling? Or actually ever? They should last long this time, as I won’t go to the gym often and rub my eyes. I always do that. I’m one of those people who picks the lashes off and also pick the nail polish off, so maybe I should just forget about it. I should at least get gel nails like last time. That lasted me until- it grew out, and THEN I started picking it. Let’s see how my mood is tomorrow. I might be on an emotional carousel now.

girl holding her ponytail in parkinglot

girl walking and turning around

I also had a haircut today during my break and it went super short, at least I feel it did. I kinda look like a toddler and want to colour my hair darker now, but, most likely I won’t be bothered. I never trust anyone to cut my hair so I normally do it myself. I started cutting of a chunk this morning thinking what the hell am I doing, and decided it was better I went to the hairdresser. I actually went to the lady in building where I work and just asked her to cut it straight, hoping for the best. And it was alright. Definitely worth 200 baht.

girl looking to the side holding her hands in pocket

girl jumping wearing a colourblock dress

Tom’s choice of a “pose” I think it turned out pretty funny. At least my legs look long.

girl pulling down her zipper

Ok guys, that’s enough of me complaining, I’m going to read up on some statistics now, and later we might watch some episodes of South Park and binge on some chicken salad and fruits for the calories we have left from today. Yay!

And again: for those of you liking the outfit it’s the Colour Block Dress from society-A. Use my promo code “Anita20” for a 20% discount. This one if from a Korean brand called Lie, they have lots of fun and colourful pieces, take a look!



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