Greater heights

I’ve been dying to go climbing for ages but it’s hard to make time back in Bangkok. We used to go to Bangna pretty often before and ended up buying most of the equipment needed for wall climbing on a trip to Kiel last year. Climbing equipment  is so cheap there! We got brands like La Sportiva and Black Diamond while we were there and I think it was around 30%+ cheaper than Norway. In Thailand… we just couldn’t find anything, and also I’m pretty sure it would be even more expensive than Norway as most of the imported goods are.

I think it all started back in Levanger on this climbing wall. I tried it out with my aunt and cousins a couple of years ago and just fell in love with the sport. It’s so much fun and there’s always a new challenge. I normally go on until I just can’t grip anymore. I’m super grateful  my aunt is so sporty and into climbing otherwise I wouldn’t have had access to the wall back in the days and also that she would let me belay on the first day. Me and Tom have our own card back in Thailand too but back there we don’t climb and mount the top rope by ourself, if’s already up, so it’s much easier. Also the wall is a lot shorter.

This route was though! I’m pretty tall but I still had to make a jump here.

It’s still really good though and I will be using it again when I’m back  once we’ve moved again and are getting settled. Until then I’ll just stick to the gym…if you are into climbing go check out their page Rock Domain on facebook.


bae ❤️

Talking about climbing and Thailand, please go to Railay beach and climb. It’s so pretty and chill and just so much fun to climb there. I only did half days as we increased the difficulty after every climb and my grip just dies after a while. It doesn’t matter how big the grips are…


Belaying happening. Can’t believe she trusts me…jk


I used the company Railay rock climbing and they were at that time (February 2014) located right at the beginning of walking street.


I’m a SLOW rope collector

Are you into climbing?

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