Busy week

Hello monday.

This week I’m doing a little collaboration with Society-A on instagram so that’s happening. They have lots of fun, different and colourful clothes all made by leading Asian designers and labels and it’s definitely worth taking a look at. I’ll share some photos of their clothes every day this week for you guys to take a peek.

girl posing in parking lot wearing skirt and crop top

The clothes are made by nice fabrics and definitely of great quality. I like their unique pieces, it’s not like with other mainstream stores, where you can find the exact same thing in another shop. Maybe not the right fit for my body shape though.

This week will be cramped at work, hopefully I’ll be done with everything by the time I leave on Sunday. As I’m the only Norwegian person that works for our company I have to get everything out-of-the-way, so it won’t be on hold for another 3 weeks. At first I was doing my own campaign that I have been doing earlier but as we are rebranding, there is a lot of website content that needs to be done as well, so I have to go a bit back and forth trying to figure out the times and just getting it done. I haven’t really been having any long lunches lately, as that’s the prime time for my other campaign. Oh well, at least I get to control my own time for a while and it feels good to do something different.

girl sitting in chair holding her har

Loving the details on this top from AIJEK.

It’s kind of good too to not have too long lunch breaks as it makes you tempted to go out and eat with the rest, and I honestly can’t choose what to eat at the moment. I know I’m going to gain some kilos on the trip so I just want to be as lean as I can for departure.

I threw a house party with the company and some other friends this weekend, and the drinking just went out of hand, haha. Scandinavian people loves to drink… followed by eating junk food so this was a bad cheat weekend for me. Me and Tom started off saturday with going to Victory Monument to have 5 bowls of boat noodles each. It didn’t make me any less hungry for when people came over,  and after all the finger food, tacos and insane amounts of alcohol that went down as a result of losing in flip cup and beer pong, I decided it was a good idea for me to have some McDonald’s as everyone was ordering and there was nothing else open. 2 burgers, one fries, and a six-pack of nuggets with cheese dip later I thought I was going to explode.

girl sitting in chair touching her hair

The following day was no better, we went to our favourite chicken and Som Tam place on rama 9, called Gai Yang Rama 9 and had some chicken, som tam and other delicious isaan food of course I also had a Cha manao (Lemon ice tea) on the side.. and you know how bad Thai ice tea is, nice and FULL of sugar. We also ended the night with a steak each at Le Boeuf, that steak is just amazing. Needless to say, It was a great weekend, but… I have to get back to the dieting today.

girl posing in parking lot holding her hair

Sequins skirt from Xoori.

I’m so extremely excited for our trip on Sunday, I can’t wait. It’s been so long since I’ve had 3 weeks of holidays in so many different places!!

How was your weekend? xx


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