Beer festival and ramen burgers

Yesterday we went to celebrate a friends birthday at Viva 21 in Thonglor , it’s safe to say that lots of food and drinks were consumed so today was a chill day. I’ve actually never been at any of the Viva restaurants/bars, but only heard good things and I got a positive impression after last night. The decor is nice and trendy and the food was pretty good too. I would love to go check out the Viva 8 at JJ Market and Viva Aviv by the river, as  people are raving about these.

girl sitting on boxes wearing a dress


The plan was for us to go to the travel fair at Queen Sirikit today followed by some food and shopping at farmers market by the river, but we ended up skipping the farmers market and went to the one outside Emquartier instead, as Tom wanted to show me some goodies he had found in Zara first.

This lemonade was super nice and fresh, I need to learn how to make my own lemonade, so I don't have to drink syrup...

This lemonade was super nice and fresh, I need to learn how to make my own lemonade, so I don’t have to drink syrup…

There was a little weekend market outside Emquartier so I did my shopping there, finding some delicious smoked duck from Vivin, and some natural granola from Skinni Bears, I can’t wait to try these as I’m swearing to salads as one of my daily meals hence the duck. I’m also using greek yoghurt or non-fat yoghurt as a snack, so I think some granola will do the trick. I love how they also had an option without butter.

I also tried the ramen burger that people have been going crazy over, and I have to say, I was not impressed. I don’t know where the problem was because I liked the noodle, beef, cheese AND bacon, it was just the combination of it all that put me off. I definitely would recommend people to try it though, you might find a place in your heart for it as so many others have.



girl eating a ramen burger in Bangkok

ramen burger with cheese and bacon

With all the toppings possible, noodles, bacon, cheese and beef…

We later made it to the travels fair which is one of our favourite fairs of all times, today was the last time so you guys will just have to wait a few months for the next one. There’s lots of inspiration and tips for travels there, there are also lots of great deals, you just have to look carefully as some of them are pretty much the same as you can find on Agoda.


Hahaha happy little babies. Winning rules.

As we both love water parks and theme parks, it was no shock that we ended up getting a ticket to Cartoon Network waterpark. I even ended up winning us a yearly pass to the waterpark, so I’m pretty sure we’ll be back a couple of times. I was actually hoping for the pizza set but what the heck. We also got something that seems to be an awesome beer festival in Kanchanaburi called Craft’n Roll. Needless to say there will be free flow of craft beers, and the idea is that you get handed one beer glass that you take around to the different stations to get a refill. I can also see lots of American junk food on the menu, so I think the event will be a winner. The music is played by Thai bands and I’m super excited for this. The beer carniva named Craft’n Roll will be held around the grounds of  Mida resort, so we got a tent stay there as well. The tent has an aircon, so it won’t be as hardcore as festivals normal are, but I would say it’s much needed here in Thailand.
Are some of you thinking about going to the beer festival in Kanchanaburi? The event will be held on the 12th of December!


  1. Tom says:

    Haha! I think the Year Pass to the water park is way better than a pizza set!

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