Oh, Norwegian Nature

girl trekking in stokkvola norway wearing nike walking a dog

Don’t mind the T… I didn’t didn’t bring any gym tops when I went so this had to do.

Beautiful view from Stokkvola

Beautiful view from Stokkvola

tibetan spaniel in norway

My besties cute Tibetan Spaniel, she is so sweet and loves to go for long walks, hehe.

I love norwegian nature and being able to trek every single day during summer months. The weather is just perfect for it. Chilled, but still great for shorts and t-shirts. I sometimes complain about it, but I’m so lucky to live in Levanger, having to drive max 30 minutes for a nice walk in the mountains or go swimming in the lake at the cabin. Even during winter months we can go cross country skiing without having to go too far. Although I’m more of a downhill skier… hehe.

Can’t wait for winter months in Thailand, where I will definitely try to do Phu Kradung and Doi Angkhang this year if time allows me.

Talking about winter months, it’s been so hot lately I’m sometimes dreading to make the trek to work. I wish I could walk there without being drenched in sweat every day, haha.

I never bother putting on makeup or wearing nice clothes to work, either because I’m lazy when it comes to dressing up, or just because of the weather. I love how every time my colleagues wants to for after work they need to remind me to not show up in gym clothes to work. But seriously, how chill is it to get to wear whatever you want.

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