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Since I quit virgin active due to travelling and us moving back to Sukhumvit and most likely going back to smart fitness, I’ve actually been dieting. I know… me dieting sounds absurd but I’ve actually been quite OK at it. I started cooking at home and counting calories a week ago, and it’s been going pretty well. But I wanted a little break from it. Dieting is quite a hassle, especially when you work full time. It’s not only the cooking and cleaning up afterwards, you also have to count the calories and macros. It’s fine if you make simple dishes, but for me who likes a lot of flavours and variation it gets quite time consuming.

meal from healthbox and snack box on table next to sunflowers

First meal day, so exited for the rest. There’s another box in the bag. I like the clean and earthy presentation.

But for now, starting from today I’m using health box for a week to try it out. I’m already after day one feeling like I’m saving a lot of time. No dishes, no need to count calories, just get it delivered straight to my door for lunch. I’ve ordered the two meals a day plan, and each of my meals are around 500 calories. I also have a snack box on 200 calories that I’m eating on workout days. In addition I have shakes before/after workout and before bedtime incase you think it sounds like little. They have 3 different plans, one for weight loss, one for healthy eating and the one I chose; the fitness training program. You give them your height, weight and age and tell them what you want to obtain and how much activity you do daily and they will tell you how much you should eat.

For my fitness program the ratio of Carb: Protein: Fat is 40:35:25.

fruit box from healthbox on a table

I think for next week I will make everything on sunday and box it and count it already then. I just want my abs for when we are beaching it up in Spain next month. Agh, we’ve been working so much lately it’s going to be amazing having 3 weeks off just chilling, eating, exploring, and having bottles after bottles of wine. I’m on cloud nine thinking about it.

making good health easy print

It’s true… they are making it too easy, saves you so much time. The fruit box was today’s snack box and contained around 190 calories. Nice, fresh and organic.

nicoise chicken salad from healthbox

Todays lunch; chicken nicoise salad, the chicken was a bit dry, but the dinner really made up for it!

So far it’s all been quite nice, and I’ll let you know more once I’ve tried it out a bit longer. It’s so hard to find healthy food in Bangkok, so I think this might be a hit for a lot of people. The price is pretty decent too compared to Absolute Fit Food. And nutrition value is good compared to Polpa which has 19g in one meal. And that’s the low fat meal.

Tom is already on his 2nd week of health box and he is sure he wants to go on with it for a while. I think it’s a nice break from the kitchen but I don’t think I will be doing it for more than a week or when I’m really busy. Or will I also get hooked?



  1. Ann says:

    Nice blog post, so informative, i’m actually looking at this kind of meal plan. Is this only in Bangkok? Or they also have a place in Pattaya? Im currently in pattaya.

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