Dim sum fun

couple eating at tim ho wan bangkok

table with dim sum in bangkok

Some of the foods we ordered, super messy, just how I like it.

dim sum in a tray at tim ho wan

Mmmm, definitely one of my favourites. The price ain’t too bad, I think it was 130 baht for one of these.

famous crispy buns from tim ho wan

They are really famous for their pork buns filled with bbq fillings, so nice and crispy. One important thing to mention is that one order has 3 of them. From the picture you might think it’s just one, and so many people ordered 10 plates, thinking they would get 10 buns. At least they got cool photos out of it…ahh.

It might look like we are obsessed with dim sum, but Tim Ho Wan had it’s opening at Terminal 21 yesterday, so we just had to go.

I do have to admit we have been waiting for this for since we heard the news so we were really excited. For those of you that don’t know Tim Ho Wan is the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant specializing in Dim Sum. 

We were having a meeting at 13.30 and ended up making them meet us in the queue to lunch and talk there as we ended up queuing up for 90 minutes. I love how Thai people line up for everything that is popular in Asia, I mean Hot Star chicken still has a long line and the food is rather bland.

We ordered pretty much everything on the menu and ended up eating until we exploded. It was our first “unhealthy” meal as we have been dieting throughout the week. So we were feeling quite full.

I think the food was good but nothing special that I would think it would be worth queuing up for on a regular basis.  It is worth trying out, and it’s fun to have eaten there as people are making such a big fuzz about it but I don’t think I will be going again. I wonder if will maintain its popularity…or if it’s just for the opening days.

If you do get anything on the menu though, their bbq pork buns were really nice and crispy with a soft and sweet inside.  The shrimp dumplings were pretty good too, same goes to the vermicelli rolls with sesame. I do miss the crunchy garlic to dip it in though, but I guess you only get that at cheap and simple dim sum places. Which is what I love… hihi.

The rest of the day we chilled at Casa Azul watching football and eating the best  mexican food in Bangkok and packing as much candy down our throats as we could. It’s awesome having a day where you can eat whatever you want.


Have you tried Tim Ho Wan yet?

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