Hello monday

Happy monday sunshines. <3

I’m ready for a long week of work and trying to kick it at the gym again. My legs were hurting so bad after friday’s party by Neon Bangkok I had to stay in bed and ice them.  It was so so so much fun and I swear we were dancing from 10 – 2 am then me and Tom needed to move around even more so we went to Glow for a couple of hours after. I loved the music at the event in both of the rooms. I love how I could actually sing along to the songs because that rarely happens.

girl standing outside condo in bangkok wearing jeans playsuit from h&m

Like my little outfit? Tom chose it while we were at H&M. I kinda like it, it’s cute and goes well with my flower printed Vans from WearYouWant.

This weekend we’ve been having a couple of meetings, eating followed by more eating and was trying to recover from friday activities pretty much every day.

I’m cooking myself this week, getting some inspiration from healthbox and doing some of my own stuff. There’s lots of fruit, salad, chicken, pork and rice. . I’m having troubles eating enough carbs though, I used to think that I ate a lot, but now that I measure it I under eat by far. My proteins are sky high, and my fat is also a little bit over the limit. Tomorrow I’m going to try to add more chicken and… less cheese than today, haha. Meaning I’ll take down the fat levels a little bit. I’ll also add rice.

girl sitting outside in bangkok wearing vans and talking on the phone

//Playsuit-H&M//Vans-WearyouWant//Iphone cover-BlingMyThing//

girl smiling wearing a silver ring with brown hair

Finally fixed my nails. I have no patience to do it myself, and I rarely make it a thing to go do my nails. It’s so easy and cheap to get it done in Thailand, I should go do it more often. It looks so much better. These are painted with gel paint in MBK. Like the colour?

It’s hard keeping your fat levels low when you have meat like pork, and are as obsessed with cheese as I am. I think I will have some egg whites and lean ham for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, 0% fat yoghurt and oats for snacks and rice, veggies and chicken for dinner. I’ll also have shakes before and after the gym and some casein before bed time. Ugh, I get so hungry writing about food.

We also went to Ikea yesterday (I LOVE IKEA) and got lots of treats, I can’t wait for weekend to be here again. I’m gonna cook up some meatballs (we didn’t have time to make it this week), make fried cheetos mozzarella sticks that I saw on facebook the other day, AND make my little sisters delicious snickers cake. I hope I can make it half as yummy as hers. It is though to diet, but it’s worth it once you start seeing results. I think when I get where I want to be I’ll just work out more, and be more relaxed about my eating. I’m in need of this diet right now, since I have been going a little overboard. It’s also good to know you can control yourself. 

OK.. now it’s time for bed, I’ll talk to you all tomorrow. We were planning to go watch Attack on  Titan at IMAX Paragon today btw, don’t go! It’s dubbed and no English subtitles… even if the Moveedoo website said so. I guess we need to find another cinema to go watch it in, unless they change the subtitles sometime soon.

Goodnight! xx 




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    I really love this top 😀

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