I guess everyone who goes to Thailand has to visit Sukhothai. You don’t need that much time there, and I would recommend you go there as a pit stop and not as your main destination, as it’s not the most exciting place to go. We made a quick visit as I got a free night at the Sukhothai heritage– so we thought we better use it, and also get to see the pretty temples at the same time.

girl outside sukothai heritage

We made it!!! Entrance of Sukhothai Heritage.

We were pretty excited to stay there, having seen the hotel at a travel fair earlier. The hotel was nice and had a genuine Thai touch. It’s really pretty at night time as the whole hotel is filled with golden lights. Though, I would recommend going there for Loi Krathong instead. That’s what stole our attention at the travel fair. Beautiful girls and boys in traditional Thai costumes dancing, fireworks and lanterns in the sky.  Thai people are so great at festivals.



boy yoga in temples sukhothai

So as I said, we had minimal time there, we left Bangkok in the afternoon, stayed the night there- went to the temples in the morning, and went straight back after. We pretty much only enjoyed the temples and the other sights and didn’t spend too much time acquiring more knowledge. There’s a museum right next to the park so there’s actually no excuse, oh well… next time!


So serene…


My favourite travel partner <3

My favourite travel partner <3

You can either drive into the park with a car, like we did. (The sun was blazing the day we went there, so it felt amazing having the air-con.) Or you can rent bikes to enter. I think foreigner price was around 150thb and only 30 baht for Thai’s.

Will I be seeing you there for Loy Krathong?



  1. Esp says:

    I wish. Next year maybe.

  2. Ann says:

    a great advice and inspiration, ^^ wish i could meet you soon one of the places here in Thailand.^^

  3. Tom says:

    Haha. I love how serene it looks with the car there :p

  4. Jackie says:

    I need to go there sometime too! Looks like it was a hot day

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