Lalu- the Grand Canyon of Thailand

We made a little road trip to the natural wonders of Thailand; Lalu. It’s a nice sight, and I can totally recommend going there to see the sun set. But don’t stay too late, it gets pretty dark in the area, and it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve always wanted to go see Lalu- as I frequently make the trip up to Surin as that’s where my family lives. We’ve never made it due to bad planning, and also… it’s a bit off route so you have to add a couple of hours to go there. But finally- this time it happened. Normally you should have some more time if you go there, as there are temples, waterfalls and plenty of other activities to do and see in the Sa Kaew area, but seeing we only had two days and one night, we just popped by Tha Phraya National Park with the only goal to see the rock formations “LALU”. LALU is actually called the Grand Canyon of Thailand and it is easy to see why.

girl at lalu the grand cayon of thailand

It was juuust like this all around. Finally I got to see Lalu. I wish we brought a better camera so you could see the beautiful colors when the sun set. But this is pretty epic too.

boy posing in lalu tha phraya national park in thaland

Playing hide and seek in the formations. My one and only travel partner!

It’s easy to find the place- just follow Lalu on the map. We used google maps. In the beginning we weren’t quite sure if we were heading the right way as we hit a little village and the only road leading us to what seemed to be Lalu on the map was a little bridge made out of a couple of logs. We were both looking at each other weirdly and wasn’t sure if we wanted to take the risk- especially if it was going to lead us nowhere. While turning around we found a local playing around with his kids and asked him for directions- and he assured us that crossing the bridge was the only way to get there. Lucky for us- he was right.


Our mode of transportation, Tom’s baby. 😉

It took us around 5 hours to get there from Bangkok, and we spent around an hour there before we had to leave and plan for a place to stay for the night. We try to avoid driving in the dark so we found the closest hotel that seemed safe enough. It’s quite funny because we were both super hungry while searching for a hotel so when I found the hotel Nong Thong Steakhouse there were no doubt that that’s where we were headed.

When we arrived it wasn’t quite what we had expected, neither was there a steak house, BUT, they had air-con rooms with hot water for only 400 bath and they had an amazing Thai restaurant. I’m not kidding. It looks like a normal noodle shop and when they hand you the menu you’re like…. Hmm, not what I want when I’m super hungry, but then when the food comes, Oh my god. We got steak, spaghetti kee mao, som tum, grilled pork knuckles, and noodles and ALL of them were so tasteful. We finished absolutely everything we were served, and we even had a cornetto each for desert and the bill came on 450 bath. YES. I love to eat, hehe.

If I’m ever in the area again and need a place to stay, I will definitely come back here.


Did you know this place existed?


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