Best weekend getaways

Ah, sitting in on the balcony in Pranburi now, listening to the washing waves and the birdies tweet, it’s so relaxing- sometimes I just wish I could live by the sea forever, hehe. I love Bangkok, but recently I’ve just gotten a bit tired of living in a big city. And at those times, it is feels so so good to come here and chill at Tom’s holiday house.

We haven’t taken some photos yet, as we’ve been busy with enjoying ourselves- yesterday we had some amazing sea food at XO seafood, playing games (as Tom has brought the xbox to leave here) and catching up on the blacklist. Today we are visiting the Khao Sam Roi Yot national park, having our fave Som Tum and grilled chicken, and catching up on some work outside work, hehe.

Since I haven’t got any photos to show you yet- I’ll post some from our most recent trip- our weekend getaway to Trang.

This time we only had two full days there so we didn’t get to do as much as last time but it was still pretty amazing. We stayed at beautiful Anantara Si Kao, and pretty much chilled by the pool or played around the hotel site. It’s a nice hotel with plenty to do, but I feel like their focus is mainly on families. Another must if you stay there is to bike down to the beach and have some sea food, we tried out two spots there and both of them were so delicious. Go for the pla neung manao, and make sure they give you a spicy one,  it’s def my new favourite way to eat fish. Feels healty and has so many flavours in one.

girl wearing victoria secret bikini in anantara trang thailand.

gilr in anantara si kao hotel thailand

All the bikinies are from Victoria Secret. When I lived in Norway I would always order these to my sister in the states to ship back home to me. Like how the pattern helps shaping the body. I also found this white lace kimono in JJ and I ruvvvv it. It’s perfect for the beach. The sunglasses though… look so weird here.



girl wearing victoria secet on the beach in thailand

Love how everything was white- white sand, white pain, it makes it look so beachy and dreamy. And there were pretty much no people during day time. Ahh, we’re so lucky with these private beaches.

girl wearing victoria secret on the beach

Dat view in the background…

couple biking to the beach in si kao

Rented some bikes from the hotel and got a great leg work out to on the way back and forth from our seafood fix. Look at Tom’s smile, so excited! 😀

Girl wearing vicoria secret beach thailand

Pretty, pretty view from our hotel room. I wouldn’t mind waking up to this every day, he-he. Thank you so much Anantara for the two night stay. <3


Wherever we’ve been i Trang, either islands or mainland, the sunset never cease to amaze us. The sky is always purple with glowing lights, and when you think it can’t get any better it lights up even more. It was actually in Trang- one year ago, we started taking this leap photos and I think we’ve progressed quite a bit!


Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Xoxo


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