17. mai

Now that we are back and settled in Bangkok, I thought I would make a little post from one of the hotels we visited in Pranburi, called Villa Maroc.  It’s a Moroccan inspired luxury hotel located right on the beach road. Not only do they offer beachside living and unique luxury furnishing, but they also have a great restaurant. Everything we’ve had there this far has been absolutely delightful. And the price isn’t that bad either. (Taken into consideration it is a 5 star hotel.)

girl wearing red blouse and white shorts posing outside villa maroc

Entry- It’s very easy to spot the hotel if you’re on the beach road.

girl in restaurant with red goblet in villa maroc pranburi

I-m obsessed with their drinking goblets. Takes me straight to GOT.

delicious starter plate of moroccan flavours in villa maroc pranburi

Tasteful starter- MEZZA plate has a great variety of Moroccan flavours.

The place is very photogenic, so if you’re not up to staying the night there, you should totally stop by if you’re in the area, to grab a bite and wander around taking photos. There are lots of photoshoots happening there apparently.

girl dancing in villa maroc pranburi. girl wearing a red blouse.

A little fairy popping out of the SPA. We haven’t tried it yet, but it smells like heaven in there.

girl wearing white skirt from zara. girl wearing a red blouse

I love this white skirt I got from zara a while a go. It’s so simple and has a classy and clean feeling to it.

golden details on a red satin blouse

Golden details on this red satin fabric. Love.

girl posing with red blouse and white shorts in villa maroc pranburi

//Shorts-Zara//Blouse-H&M//Shoes-VNC-Sunglasses-JJ Market//

At the end I want to say happy birthday to my other home, Norway. Today is our big “17.mai” which obviously means 17th of May.  200 years since the constitution was signed on Eidsvoll. Hip hip hurra!! We didn’t have time to march in the parade here in Bangkok today, but we are going to dinner with our fellow Norwegian citizens of Bangkok in Marriott, Thonglor in the evening. I Hope there will be some Norwegian food! Can’t wait!

-Hvilke planer har dere for 17. mai? 




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