Home is where the heart is<3

I fall deeper in love with my mothers home village every time I go there. Being there, surrounded by fresh air, nature, calmness and positive people just makes your brain go wild and think freely. It’s like a meditation for my brain and I end up somewhere else, but still complete connected to everyone around me. It’s hard to explain! The phone is also less used which honestly, I find to be the best feeling ever. I rarely come upon such easy going, simple and selfless people in my life. They posses a lot less items than us, yet they seem to have everything they need. They probably have fewer years of school than us Bangkokians, yet they seem 100 years wiser than us. It’s true happiness. I’m really glad I’ve had time to go there so often lately to see my grandparents!

Golden sunsets in Isaan!

Super zoom. But I had to show you the level of mutualism and happiness here!

So many doggies around the streets. Normally everyone let their gates open for the doggies to roam around. So cute. Puppies everywhere and they are all being fed and taken care of.

One happy Diego!

My neighbour got this from her tree and came to offer us some. So fresh, sweet and yummy. It wasn’t even refrigerated, but still super nice.

I brought along Diego this time, as the cold season is here and he can roam around in the garden freely and not in any risk of heat stroke. I think it’s the happiest I have ever seen him. He ran around for hours and got cuddles wherever he went. That being said, he was quite the rascal to other dogs, and there was no way he was letting them in to play on his property without ether playing with him or fighting with him… He also encountered his first meeting with a chicken and I have to say he seemed very surprised and curious to what this creature was.

I can’t wait to go back to Surin again! <3

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How to become a vegan

After reading about increasing your greens for better health and watching tons of documentaries about the food industry with a specific focus on the meat industry, I made it a goal for 2017 to consume less meat and animal products. Especially dairy! I think cutting down on dairy was the hardest part for me, especially since I like to have my daily protein shakes which is made out of Whey. I’m totally with scientists or nutritionists when they are saying that we do not need the excessive amounts of protein that we pack ourselves with (1 g pr. pound as many fitness people live by), but I just don’t feel like I am getting the results that I want when I’m not. A high protein diet (for me) definitely speeds up my diet or building muscles, giving me more of the “hard” body that I like for myself.
Cutting down on animal produced protein did introduce me to my all time favourite breakfast. Frozen Acai pulp, 98% mango juice, frozen peach and vegan pea protein, please try it. You will become addicted! It also helped me stop feeling bloated, as I get from having “normal” protein shake. Warning. I did hate the vegan protein in the beginning as I just drank it clean with water…

vegan food delivery set with pranaa

Pumpkin soup with “cheese” bread, creamy pumpkin soup, whole grain rice with veggies and pasta with vegan bolognese sauce, couldn’t taste the difference!

Cutting down on meat and dairy started to become easy so I wanted to challenge myself. My main inspiration for this was (some of which are mentioned earlier):

  1.  Because I wanted to eat more greens
  2. Because of all the health benefits that followed by cutting out animal products from my diet (not saying it’s healthy to go complete vegan, I do not have the education, nor have I done enough research of my own to claim that).
  3. Because of the animals. If you have watched Gokja you must have felt bad at some point for eating meat, at least I did…
  4. Because I’ve been surrounded by people who for some reason hates vegans and reading negative comments online about vegans (this goes both ways) but seeing this is such a big thing in our society, I wanted to put myself in their shoes. Also because I started to become one of those people myself, being prejudice about something I had never tried myself or even tried to understand.
  5. I wanted to see if I felt better, my health, body and honestly if I felt less quilt for some reason.
  6. Also I thought it would be a great way to learn how to cook with more vegetables and find yummy new recipes.
  7. Being born in Norway also makes you appreciate Mother Nature, and I wanted to try to live a more sustainable life for mother earth. Cowspiracy definitely played a big role in that.

Tofu tast, almost same as egg I tell ya!

Then it came to the point where I decided to go 40% meatless where 20% would be vegan. A good way to remember this was Meatless Monday and Vegan Wednesday. Vegetarian is easy guys (don’t take that literally), but vegan is hard, as it requires a lot of planning as a newbie.

On Meatless Mondays I would cook full grain rice and all the yummy veggies I could think of, and I actually started cooking with vegetables I would never normally buy, which was really fun. And there are so many Thai spices, sauces and chillies to play around with, but some of them you cannot use for vegan days as they contain fish sauce. It was also easy because I could have eggs, cheese, butter, whey protein and all kinds of bread.
Vegan Wednesdays made me have to look at every list of ingredients and also make everything from scratch. Which was, in many ways a good thing. I knew EXACTLY what went into my food. The only thing I found hard was meeting my protein goal. I Always made sure to log everything I ate on both Vegan and Vegetarian days and I was quite happy to see I always met my fiber requirements which I’ve always had a problem with. Also on vegan days, your body feels really good. I don’t know if it’s because of the quilt or just because of all the greens, or maybe it’s the whole non-dairy diet. But I felt good!

vegan food bangkok

Raw spring rolls with nuts, raisins, seeds and salty sauce.

I only experienced benefits from it all, but the only bad part is trying to make time to cook all the food for the day and being able to make it a sustainable thing in your daily life. Because I honestly felt like I only got the benefit of feeling extra good on the day where I went all vegan. I know it’s weird to claim that from only a day in the week, but you should try it yourself. Right now I’m only eating one vegan/vegetarian meal a day and rest with meals containing meat and shakes. And it’s not the same, but it’s what I have time to during office hours.

pranaa vegan food delivery bangkok

Vegan Mexican. Who would have though Mexican could taste so amazing without any cheese our sour cream?! It was spicy too!

I’ll definitely try getting back to that routine. I think it will be much easier as there are many great vegan and vegetarian options in Bangkok now. I tried out Pranaa food which is a Plant based whole food deliver in Bangkok. I had them deliver the food to my office every day for a week, and I was so surprised at how many recipes you can come up with without any animal products.

Amazing juices, vegan enchiladas, rice and mushroom, different styles of Dhal, Vegan Thai food options, vegetarian spring rolls, pastas/spaghetti with sauce, bread with different kinds of spread. If you wanna try out being a vegan for a week, or only for a day, this company is highly recommended. Not only does it not contain animal products, but there are also no oils or MSG used. You can check their menu on their Facebook page, they do fresh daily deliveries with 1 meal, 1 snack and one shake or you can do the whole day package with 2 meals.

Are you going to try to be vegan for a day?

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Take me back to Barca

I can’t believe I still haven’t shown you any photos from our little shoot in Barcelona. We wanted to make the most out of our time there and made sure to make some of those perfect memories more permanent. If you are ever looking to get great photos while travelling the world, I can highly recommend Flytographercouple in barcelona

couple looking at camera cathedral barcelona

black and white couple

couple doing leap kiss barcelona

All these pictures are taken along the grounds of the Gothic Quarter/ Barri Gòtic.

We stopped in Barcelona as part of our little Euro trip and had only two days in the city. We rented a cute Airbnb with walking distance to La Segrada Familia. It was a must for us to finally see it. Other than that we strolled around Las Ramblas and ate our hearts out. My fave fresh market in the world must be La Boqueria. I could eat there every day!

We also tried out 7 portes in Barceloneta for the best paella in Barcelona, but I have to admit I actually ended up falling for the truffle cannellonis. Another must is going to La Xampanyeria for super cheap cava and tapas, but it gets super crowded so you have to go early.

Hopefully next time we’ll have some more time to explore!


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Flying high with dinner in the Sky, Bangkok

Most of you might have noticed the giant crane lurking in the construction site in Sukhumvit soi 22. You might also have seen that table flying in the sky during night time. That’s Dinner In The Sky Bangkok. A concept starting in Belgium in 2006 and has successfully spread over 40 countries. I’ve always wanted to go, so I was quite excited when they decided to choose Bangkok as their next location. I was even happier when Tom surprised me with seats for Christmas!

couple at dinner in the sky Bangkok

Getting ready to go up! Remember to order your drinks before going up. Mmmm… the bottle of red was outstanding!

table flying in the sky bangkok

Borrowed from Dinner In The Sky Bangkok Facebook page.

It’s quite an unique experience. You are pretty much dining floating in the air, seated in racing car seats with seat belts under and over you. There’s some loss of mobility whilst eating, but you are still able to enjoy your meal. Also, the view you get in return is worth it. I would rather wear those belts than ascending 50 meters up in the sky without them. At first there are butterflies in the stomach, and holding your phone to take photos makes your palms sweaty, but it doesn’t take long before you settle in and get comfortable. There are no floors by the way!

dinner in the sky bangkok

Try to get these corner seats- definitely the best view you can have, looking both directions!

Couple taking selfie in the air at dinner in the sky bangkok

If this doesn’t require a selfie than I don’t know!

The food was surprisingly delicious. I was catered by Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. Tom had the lamb and I had ribs- perfectly slow cooked ribs that is. The starters were just ok, beef carpaccio salad followed by gazpacho. Though it seemed like the rest of the passengers loved it, so don’t take my word for it. I’ve never been a cold soup person! The dessert was a fruity passion fruit cheese cake with matcha ice cream and berries.  I was already full by that time, but it was delcious.

We had seat number 14 and 15 and got an unblocked view of the city and the park in the background. I would recommend you to come early to choose your own seats, as the corner seats are definitely the best view point. For a better view you can also recline your seats laying down after your meal- I dare you!

Book your seats here. They are running out and are only here until February.

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Yim Yam Hostel Bangkok

Welcome this new Bangkok Hostel!

The hostel scene in Bangkok has become quite on the uptrend. There’s hostels everywhere, but most are similar and lacking that vibe that should come with travelling solo and trying to meet new people. We had one night at the Yim Yam Hostel in Ratchatewi area before we headed of to Maya Festival last month and we were pleasantly surprised. English speaking staff, some that are there because they fell in love in Bangkok, deciding to make their stop a little more permanent than the one week originally planned for. These guys really makes the place! Décor that gives this perfect artsy setting. And pretty much every spot is perfect for Instragrammers wanting to get some pictures for their social media account.

instagram worthy hostel bangkok

chic decor bangkok hostel

You might not be able to see it in the picture, but this place is packed with tables and turns out to a cosy study place at night time. They also serve freshly brewed coffee and drinks exotic drinks. If this was closer to my home I would choose this before True anyday!

nice room girl bangkok hostel

More pix of this room or if you wanna book. HERE.

ratchatewi traffic hostel

Set the whole nailing of the interior aside, the vibe at Yim Yam was very welcoming. I could assume anyone travelling from abroad or lacking knowledge about the best spots around Thailand would find this place very rewarding. Even me, who has lived here for 5 years actually got see a new area of Bangkok.

decor chic bangkok hostel

One of the many places to chill in the garden

breakfast in the garden at a hostel in bangkok

table in the garden at a hostel in bangkok

Their large garden and nice seating areas is a major plus. You won’t find much of this here in Bangkok.

There’s  events and outings for everyone to join! On Saturdays they have a BBQ night with an all-you-can eat for an extremely low price. Afterwards the crew will take you to Khao San road and you can experience Thailand as a real traveller, he-he. You can check their Facebook page for updates.

The rooms are neat, and the private rooms were nothing less than a nice hotel room but for an affordable price. We also loved the location, right next to the BTS (Skytrain) and the amazing drink and food place at night time called HEAT. Being a Thai local, you know those pieces are a steal!The hostel is also only minutes away from The Grand Palace, The Platinum Shopping Complex, Victory Monument, Wat Po, and Siam Paragon and other shopping centres. Quite convenient, especially if you’re only here for a short amount of time.

I would love to come back here again, even just brushing by and enjoying a nice cup of coffee, staring out at the traffic passing by. <3


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Hello 2018

new years kisses under firework 2018

New years kiss in Levanger!

couple popping champagne

couple together in norway

Happy New Year everyone! Just got back from a long 3 week holiday in Norway and I am feeling ready for a fresh start.

For this year I won’t be making specific New Year’s resolutions other than trying to stay as healthy as possible. Mentally, physically and focusing on what I put into my body. Hopefully I get to tick of some new travel destinations of my bucket list too.
Hoping that you all get everything you wish for, for 2018.


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